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Dr. Brown is a NW physician and commercial pilot who works as an Emergency Department physician in Seattle.  

He has been performing FAA medical exams for over 25 years.  He is also the medical director for a local air ambulance company

Background photo shows the Super Decathalon flown by Dr. Brown in aerobatic flight.

Current Avocations

Michael Brown, MD, 

Emergency Physician & Senior FAA Aviation Medical Examiner; 

Medical Director MedFlightOne Air Ambulance; 

Consulting AME for Australian Air Traffic Controllers in Afghanistan; 

Emergency Department Consultant for Epic EHR (Electronic Health Record); 

Dr. Brown has been an AME since 1992 - helping pilots obtain their medical certificates at Harvey Field ( S43) since 1992.  

Background photo shows Mt Adams over MedFlightOne's LearJet's right wing from about 18,000 feet.

Flight & Aviation Experience

After obtaining his Private Pilot's License in 1987, he went on to become an instrument rated commercial pilot qualified in single engine land and seaplanes and multiengine aircraft.  

He has owned and operated a Part 135 air charter company (See-Sound Flight) for over 5 years until 2009, when it was sold.

  Instrument-Rated Commercial Pilot for Single Engine Land & Seaplanes, Multi-Engine Land Airplanes  

Most recently he was part owner of a Super Decathalon in which he was learning aerobatic flying and maneuvers.

Background photo shows part of the Cessna-421B partially owned by Dr. Brown


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The FAA program called BasicMed is not available at my office.


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