Fee Schedule

FAA Medical Exams

First, Second & Third Class FAA Medical Certificates (Validity varies by Age & Class - see Pilots).

First Class Medical Certificate (No ECG)

Pilots under age 40 do not require an ECG. The first ECG will be required at age 35, and if normal, none is required until age 40. At age 40 and older, First Class Medical Certificates are valid for 6 calendar months. An ECG is required once a year, i.e., at one of the exams. For pilots 40 and older, the First Class Certificate drops to a 2nd Class Certificate for 6 months and then drops to a 3rd Class for 12 months.
$ 240

Second Class Medical Certificate

Valid for one year for all ages. After one year, the 2nd Class drops to the 3rd Class.
$ 240

Third Class Medical Certificates

Valid for 5 years for pilots under age 40 and for 2 years for pilots age 40 and over.
$ 200

CACI & AASI Conditions

AASI = AME Assisted Special Issuance.

AASI or CACI Conditions

CACI = Conditions AME Can Issue
(Hypertension, Hypothyroidism, Migraine Headaches, etc.)
AME Assisted Special Issuance
(OSA -Obstructive Sleep apnea, Atrial Fibrillation, Coronary Heart Disease, Diabetes, etc.)
$ 60 for each condition

Interim Special Issuance Medical Certificate

Interim FAA Certificates DO NOT require the completion of an FAA Form 8500-8 at the FAA Site MedExPress.faa.gov. The applicant only needs to bring in the documentation stipulated in the Special Issuance Letter (SI Letter)
$ 120 for each condition

ECG (Electrocardiogram)

First ECG required at age 35, then annually over age 40.

ECG with or without 1st Class FAA Exam

The first ECG is required at age 35, then annually, beginning at age 40.
$ 100

Outside ECG Interpretation

Pilots who have had a recent (within 30 days) ECG and do not need to have one done with FAA Exam.
$ 100

Commercial Drivers Licenses (CDL)

For commercial drivers who require CDL.


Required for all drivers of commercial vehicles.
$ 240

CDL or Other Exam/Form Added on to an FAA Physical

Pilots who also need a CDL or other exam with paperwork may obtain one at the same time as an FAA Exam for half price.
$ 100

CDL Medical Condition

Additional medical information such as Hypertension, OSA (Sleep Apnea), COPD, Cardiac disease, Pacemakers, etc.
$ 60

Coast Guard Exams, General Physical Exams & Medico-Legal Consultation

Employer Physical Exams, Sports Physicals & Medical Consultation.

Coast Guard Physical Exams

Coast Guard Physical Exams
$ 260

Employer Physical Exams with Forms/Paperwork

$ 200

Sports Physicals

$ 200

HIMS Consultation

For pilots who are required by the FAA to consult a HIMS AME for drug & alcohol problems or pilots who take an SSRI antidepressant, or have been treated for ADHD, ADD, etc.
$ 500 /hr

Emergency & Medical Consultation

For general medical or medico-legal consultation.
$ 600 /hr

CHECKS & INSURANCE ARE NOT ACCEPTED: Fees listed are cash prices. Most credit cards are accepted, including Apple Pay and Google Pay, but there is a $5.00 charge for Cc/Debit cards.