HIMS Program


About HIMS (Human Intervention Motivational Study)

The FAA HIMS Program is a program used by the FAA to enable pilots who have encountered difficulties with alcohol problems such as DUI or alcoholism, use of SSRI antidepressant medications or anxiety medications, ADHD & ADD.

HIMS AMEs are trained in evaluating airmen for substance- or alcohol-related conditions or other mental conditions. HIMS AMEs can provide sponsorship and monitoring for such conditions when required by the FAA for medical certification purposes. 

Drugs & Alcohol Problems (DUI, Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, etc.)

If a pilot has had a DUI or has an addiction to alcohol and or suffers from alcoholism, the HIMS Program is one that allows such pilots to resume flying under certain circumstances that involves monitoring, drug & alcohol testing, recovery programs, and ongoing verification that the pilot is maintaining a clean & sober lifestyle.

Medical Health Concepts
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Depression, Anxiety, and Antidepressant Medications (SSRI)

Pilots who have had depression or have taken or are taking one of 4 SSRI medications (Prozac, Zoloft, Lexapro, or Celexa) may be allowed to fly after undergoing an extensive Neuropsychologic and Neuropsychiatric evaluation which usually includes a CogScreenAE (Aeromedical Edition).


A HIMS AME is a specially trained Aviation Medical Examiner who has been designated by the FAA to issue FAA Medical Certificates to pilots in the HIMS Program under certain conditions. The HIMS AME functions as an evaluator and coordinator of all the different reports from evaluations by the Neuropsychologist, Psychiatrist, and other medical conditions. The HIMS AME will write a report summarizing all the findings, as well as render an aeromedical opinion about the qualifications of the pilot being evaluated. This report is then sent to the FAA for their review and approval of a Special Issuance FAA Medical Certificate, which generally carries a specific expiration date, in contrast to a Regular Issuance FAA Medical certificate which has its expiration stipulated in the FAR.

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